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Hotel Ganga Darshan

Established in 1995, we proudly stand as the first hotel in Maneri, Uttarkashi, embodying the essence and identity of this serene town. Set along the picturesque banks of Maneri Lake, we extend a heartfelt welcome, enveloping you in the tranquility of nature’s embrace. Book your stay now!

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Hotel Ganga Darshan - Premier Accommodation in Gangotri & Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

Hotel Ganga Darshan

Our Amenities & Features


Free Wifi

Delicious Food

Private Parking

Cultural Experience


Air Conditioned Rooms

24/7 FrontDesk Service

We Provide

Adventure Tour and Fun filled Trekking

Explore Uttarkashi’s rugged terrain and the majestic Gangotri region with Hotel Ganga Darshan. Experience thrilling hiking and trekking adventures amidst pristine natural beauty. Start your journey today!

Hikking/trekking locations

Experience Adventure Near Hotel Ganga Darshan - Best Accommodation in Gangotri & Uttarkashi


Perfect Thrills

Experience Adventure Near Hotel Ganga Darshan - Best Accommodation in Gangotri & Uttarkashi
Discover Adventure with Trekking and Walking Near Hotel Ganga Darshan - Top Accommodation in Gangotri & Uttarkashi

Rooms and Suites

Experience comfort and luxury at Hotel Ganga Darshan. Check-in from 12:00 Noon to 12:00 Noon. Explore our range of rooms and suites for a memorable stay. Visit our rooms page for more details.

Hotel Ganga Darshan Standard Double Bedroom

(Non Ac)

From: ₹2,600/Day

Hotel Ganga Darshan Deluxe Double Bedroom


From: ₹3,500/Day

Hotel Ganga Darshan Standard Triple Bedroom

(Non Ac)

From: ₹3,000/Day

Hotel Ganga Darshan Deluxe Triple Bedroom


From: ₹4,200/Day

Hotel Ganga Darshan Deluxe Four Bedroom

(Non Ac)

From: ₹3,500/Day

Hotel Ganga Darshan Dormitory 6 Bedroom

(Non Ac)

From: ₹4,200/Day

Hotel Ganga Darshan: Nestled Amidst Majestic Mountains in Gangotri, Uttarkashi

Hotel Ganga Darshan: The Best Place To Enjoy Your Life

Experience life’s best moments at Hotel Ganga Darshan. Nestled in the heart of Uttarkashi, our hotel offers unparalleled comfort, breathtaking views, and exceptional service. Whether you seek adventure or relaxation, immerse yourself in luxury and create unforgettable memories with us.

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Tourist Attractions Near Our Hotel Ganga Darshan

Curious Girl Using Binoculars
Maneri Lake & Dam - Scenic Beauty in Uttarkashi

Maneri Lake & Dam

Distance: 600 Meters

Khedi Waterfall - Nature's Cascade in Uttarkashi

Khedi Waterfall

Distance: 1 Kilometers

Daksha Waterfall - A Natural Marvel near Uttarkashi

Daksha Waterfall

Distance: 500 Meters

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